Morning Ray of Sunshine – Sadness and Smiles

There are days when without any real reason we may find ourselves feeling sad. It’s not that there isn’t goodness in our life or that anything significantly bad has happened but still…

It’s ok. Let’s not fight it, but with calm and peace accept that our spirits are low and there is some deep sorrow inside.

We may not even get to know the root of this sadness at once or maybe even for a while. That’s ok too. That will happen at the right time.

All we need to do, is that having given ourselves the time to accept and experience this sadness, let’s get back to the business of living. There may not be some grand excitement or great joy in the immediate vicinity and that’s fine. Let’s just look at everything around us, whatever we’re doing, whoever is with us and find some joy in all of that. Could be just an exchanged smile, a silly prank, a note done nicely, a hot cup of coffee, a cheat cookie or caramel custard, a tune.

Let’s make the most of these little gifts so that the day becomes about cumulative joy and not wallowing in melancholy.

Life is good. We are where we need to be. We are taken care of. And we have a million reasons to smile. Let’s just embrace them. Happy day.


One comment

  1. Orange Nutshell · April 1, 2016

    This is wonderful. I work alone and everyday, the only companions I have at work are my dog and a cup of coffee. To me that’s everything. And maybe that’s something others may not understand.

    I do agree with you – whenever we feel sad, we just have to find our center of happiness. In simple things of the present.

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