Morning Ray of Sunshine – Thank You

Today I’m just feeling thankful – thankful for the life I have, for the lovely people who have been and are in my life – my parents, family, friends, teachers, special souls… I am thankful for the gifts and the opportunities that never seem to stop coming even as I never seem to stop asking. I am thankful for the protection that never lets anything really bad happen and gives me the strength to endure and rise above what does. I am thankful for the guidance that always shows me my errors and allows me to course correct. I am thankful for the unlimited support from people, the Universe and the highest powers without which nothing would have been possible. I am thankful for the abundant love that is showered upon me and pray that going forward I accept it all and give back at least as much.

I am so, so grateful for the gift of these words and all the other words and stories that come to me every day, through the day – inspiring me, enriching me, entertaining me, making me feel alive.

Thank you, all of you for all the encouragement, support and gracious acceptance of these words in your life and all your acknowledgement and love.

I am thankful for today, all the days to come and all the days that have been and look forward to making the most of every moment.

Truly it’s a beautiful life. 😘💓💖

Thank you. I love you.
God Bless you.


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