Morning Ray of Sunshine – The Best is Right Here

How much unhappiness and discontent we cause ourselves by constantly comparing…

When we’re working on one project we wonder if we would be happier and more successful if we were working on something else. Or somewhere else.

When we are with someone, we wonder if we would be happier if we were with someone else. Very often we don’t even know who this mythical someone else is but we still wonder

There’s a reason why we’re working on something just now or why we’re with someone or why we’re in this city or country and not on Pluto – cause this is the best place for us just now. Doing exactly what we’re doing, being with this particular person is what will get us to wherever we are supposed to at the right time. And all the seeds of our joy, bliss, miracles lie in what we have on our plate, in our life this minute.

So rather than comparing and feeling miserable and dissatisfied, let’s be grateful and joyous. Let’s make the most of everything that has been given to us. Let’s make this the stepping stones to everywhere we want to get, every joy we want to experience.

We have all we need to fulfil us, to make us deliriously happy. Let’s just believe that. And live it


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