Morning Ray of Sunshine – Go Deeper

Go Deeper.

Sure we’re working hard at whatever we’re doing but perhaps there’s room to go deeper, understand more, learn more and using that learning, do an even more fabulous job. Very often, after years of doing something well, we kind of fall into a rut, get mechanical about it, do things the way we’ve always done them. Sure, the way has worked for us but doesn’t mean it’s the best or only way. Let’s relearn our craft with the same innocence, zest and eagerness we once possessed. Let’s break out of the routine, think out of the box, do some research, discover more, soak in deeper and go beyond what we know, what we’ve achieved so far.

Ditto in long standing relationships. Sure, the love is there. Yes, the relationship is strong. But haven’t we fallen into some set patterns – in the way we do things, the way we converse, the way we express our love, the way we do something special – is there anything new or innovative in what we’re doing? We think we know the other person but does our knowledge stem from who that person is now or who they were when we were last still interested in discovering them? People change all the time. Let’s start over, get to know our loved ones once more, with the same innocence, enthusiasm and passion we once had. And we’ll find there are far more exciting ways to love and express love. We’ll discover love and loving all over again.

We aren’t just reinvigorating our work and our relationships, we’re bringing back newness, excitement, passion and joie de vivre into our lives.

We’re really living life… Really ain’t  nothing better


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