Morning Ray of Sunshine – Reach Out, Help Someone

Reach out. Hold a hand. Help someone find their way.

Of course our lives and issues aren’t sorted. Of course we ourselves aren’t sure if we’re heading in the right direction, our hearts are weighed down, there is sadness and frustration.

But if we’ve done everything we possibly can and are still continuing to do that, well then this is a waiting period till clarity and light and success show up.

Now in the meantime we can either feel irked or sad or depressed and have a pity party, or we can be there for someone who’s even worse off.

And in helping them our own spirits will be raised. We might even discover our answers. Even if we don’t, helping someone else is way better than wallowing. It’s not escaping our issues, we’re still persevering, chipping away. It’s just allowing ourselves perspective that our life is not as miserable as it seem. And if we can bring a smile on someone else’s face, we can do the same for ourselves too.


One comment

  1. samjsanderson · April 20, 2016

    This is so true! One of the best parts of life is being able to give back to others great post 🙂

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