Morning Ray of Sunshine – Seize The Dream

Just because we’ve decided we want to accomplish something doesn’t mean that the world will instantly fall in with our plans. Of course there will be obstacles, things will go wrong, nothing will be as per our perfect imagining. Question is what then?

This is the test of our commitment to our dreams, our strength, our determination, our passion, faith, positivity, yearning to make what we have conceived, a reality.

If these are strong then nothing can stop us. All we will be able to see is our goal. There’s a wall in our way, we’ll find a way over or around or bloody well through it. We will not waste time angsting about the obstacle or why this happened to me or why can’t that person understand. Our focus is where we need to reach, so all our energies will instantly be put to use to find another way to get there. And if that is impeded, then another. So on till we do get there.

That’s what makes a winner, a champion, a trail blazer. Everyone else is just a victim willing to make life and people, their excuses for their own lack of commitment and perseverance.

We know who we are. So let’s just go forging ahead.

If we don’t allow it, nothing can stop us. That’s the power of free will.


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