Morning Ray of Sunshine -Forget the Irritants, Focus on the Living

How angry we get with people who we feel aren’t understanding us and our vision, who impede our paths in annoyingly minor ways, who say spiteful or hurtful things that upset our egos, who refuse to acknowledge how fantastic and awesome we are. More importantly, don’t accept that we’re  smarter and better than them…

Wait a minute. Do we hear how petty this sounds? On one hand we accept that their interference in the grand plan of our lives is minor, an irritant at best, we also say we are wiser and better. Then why the hell do we allow them to affect us, take up so much of our mind space, cause us so much angst and anger?

Ego, of course. It galls us that someone we consider inferior to us, can pass judgement on us and our work. The ego wants subservience and adulation from them.

Well ain’t going to happen. In their minds they’re the kings of their world. Now point is what’s important – minor ego gratifying victories over people who don’t matter or getting on with the larger business of life? So much there is to do –  fulfilling our dreams, living each moment fully, giving and accepting love, making ourselves and others happy.

Where do we want to spend our time and energies? Life is for living and seizing the dreams. Everything else… forget it. Too much to do, too much to enjoy and celebrate.


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