Morning Ray of Sunshine – Make Every Little Step Count

Whatever we dream of – the things that we want in life, we can’t expect them to happen instantly or even overnight.

Be it earning a billion bucks or climbing a mountain or writing a book or losing our tummy tums or building a relationship, it’s going to take discipline, rigour, commitment, a lot of hard work and dedication. It’s only going to happen one step at a time and if we keep waiting for the end result we’re going to get impatient, frustrated, lose out on the joy of each step and perhaps give up half way.

Instead let’s keep the faith in ourselves, in our dreams, in the Universe and Higher Powers and just focus on getting each step right. Let’s do every little thing with a lot of love and attention to detail. Let’s make this doing itself so special and fun and magical that it becomes a bigger reward than the end destination.

And when we start to enjoy the steps and give it our all, the destination arrives way faster than we expect.

To millions of magical and loving, lil steps today


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