Morning Ray of Sunshine – What’s Over is Over

It takes courage to accept that something is not working out, it’s over.

In the name of determination and persistence, sometimes we go on flogging a dead horse. Our heart tells us that this relationship or this job or this project is finito but out of fear of the unknown, of getting out of our comfort zones, insecurity at losing a crutch, we refuse to accept it and give it the label of persistence or sticking it out. Sometimes we also fall upon the excuse of not wanting to hurt a partner or boss or loved on. But ultimately it’s just our own pusillanimity.

Everything runs its course in life, even the duration of our life. So let’s not waste precious days, months, years on something that’s played its part. When our heart tells us something is over let’s face the truth, end it gracefully, lovingly, with dignity, and look forward with trust, innocence, enthusiasm and love to the next chapter of our lives


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