Morning Ray of Sunshine – Live your Destiny or Create your destiny

There are people who do and there are people who make excuses, crib, complain and procrastinate.

There are people who see only the goal. And there are those who see only the hindrances, problems, inconveniences, hard work et al and get freaked out.

There are people who know the only time is now. And those who keep thinking tomorrow is a better day to get started.

There are people who make grand plans, talk big but wait a lifetime to put their plans into action. There are people who forge forward, regardless of obstacles, regardless of what the world says or how much they laugh, unmindful to pain, discomfort, disappointment, lack of support – everything. All they see is what they want to achieve and what they can do to make it happen.

There are people who live their destiny.
And there are people who create their destiny.

At the start of a beautiful new week, great time to decide which one of the two we are and live our days accordingly.


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