Morning Ray of Sunshine – Life is in the Journey

Where is life and happiness? In the fat pay cheques, the marriage certificate, the award, the house, the car, the Page 3 photo, the FB photo, the check list with all the boxes ticked? How happy have any of these made us? And for how long? 2 minutes? 2 seconds?

In contrast – the training, the wooing and dating, the working on the project, the actual trip including the coffees and the metro rides and walking everywhere – how much joy did that give us? Don’t we still remember these moments fondly? Doesn’t our heart start beating faster when anything arouses those memories?

So when all our happiest, most memorable moments come from the journey, the process, why angst about the destination or the result?

The only purpose of the destination is to get us to embark on the journey. Life is in the journey.

So let’s make sure we enjoy every moment of the process, the doing, the living, the getting there. Cause that’s all there really is


One comment

  1. madhusudhanr · May 11, 2016

    Yeah exactly .. Happiness is a journey , not a destination. 🙂

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