Morning Ray of Sunshine – Don’t Lose out on Our True Selves

In life there will be times when we will be put to the test. When something we really want is offered to us, on a platter. There’s just one catch – we’ll have to make one compromise – give up on being who we really are- let go of our true self, our unique way of being and doing, get off the path that is ours…

Tough decision? Let’s make it easier.

Think back to when we gave up on being ourselves for a prize. Sure we’ve done it at least once. Did it work out?

Maybe it seemed to, at least at first. But somehow we were never really happy were we? That prize, that result we so craved ultimately just wasn’t so gratifying was it?

Cause when we gave up our true self, we gave up the journey for the destination. How could we enjoy the journey when the path was not our own, when we weren’t being ourselves, but playing some pretend part? And the journeys all put together are what make up our lifetime. The destinations are momentary.

So no matter how tempting the prize, how much the instant gratification, in the long run the only thing that works is staying true to ourselves. That’s when the journey becomes a delight and there’s no greater reward than that…


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