Morning Ray of Sunshine – Rejuvenate Your Life


No doubt lots of things in our life have become boring. Our work, our relationships, perhaps even the way we have fun. Well, it’s partly our fault. We’ve let things fall into a routine, become predictable, mechanical. So we’re engaged only at the surface. So it seems boring, humdrum, unchallenging – ho hum.

Good part is since we’ve created this, we can fix it. Let’s Rejuvenate – our work, our relationships, our life.

For starters let’s drop the typical routine way we do these things. At work, for example let’s forget what we know – all our experience, our so called best way to do things and let’s approach it with the innocence, enthusiasm and curiosity of a newbie. Let’s figure if there are better, more exciting ways of doing things – like maybe do the Monday morning updates over a game of Dodgeball or have a singing Update session. Sounds mad but might just end up enthusing and charging up everyone.

Work that we do on our lonesome – why not relocate from our desk – do it in a coffee shop or by the sea or wherever gives us a kick. Let’s also start learning more about the work we do – maybe college was a long time ago, the world has moved forward, business has changed, learning is always a good thing.

Let’s apply the same thing to relationships too. Why assume we know? Why assume the other person wants to do the same old things, have the same old conversations? Let’s shake up things. Let’s get to know them all over again – not by a fake first meeting recreation but by genuinely trying to understand where they are in life right now, what inspires them, what frustrates them, what drives them up the wall about us…

And when it comes to having fun with them, with friends or just on our own, throw out the old handbook, let’s start exploring, experimenting – doing things we’ve never done before, doing things we love but in a way we’ve never done before.

Never eaten sushi? Give it a shot (it’s veg as well). Never cycled to work? Well… Never worn a bright red tee? Go for it.

There’s so much to discover and experience in life. Let’s not be jaded and bored. Let’s live it up and make the most of every moment we have.


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