Morning Ray of Sunshine – Holiday from Stress and Angst

Fear over things that may happen. Angst over when things will happen. Insecurity that we may not be good enough. Jealousy that we are not getting what we deserve. Sadness that we are alone. Guilt that we are making people feel alone…

Whew! Can we give it a rest already? How about a holiday from all of these? How about today, when any of these show up, we say Sorry bhai, kal aana (Sorry bro, come again another day)? And just give ourselves a well deserved day of peace, happiness, just living and loving the day.

Cause fact of the matter is none of this is real. It’s all just created by the mind to confound, confuse, complicate, keep us angsty and tense and thinking, to prevent us from being in our hearts and enjoying the moment.

We are where we need to be. We are protected. Things will happen and we will come through. We will get what is meant for us. There will always be love, reasons to sing, dance, smile. And even if there isn’t we can always choose to be happy joyous. So let’s start now.

Bye bye, not needed thoughts. Hello happiness


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