Morning Ray of Sunshine – Be Good to Yourself First

We like thinking of ourselves as good people. We like being liked. Only thing is, in order to be liked or to be seen as good, when do we cross the line and start doing things that aren’t us, that we don’t really want to?

The line between being good, being nice and getting into pleasing is a pretty slippery slope. Before we know it we’re on the other side.

Hence it’s a good idea to every so often, take a step back and look at the things we’re doing – do we really want to do them? Is this the way we want to do them? Are we comfortable with all our calls? If not why did we make those choices? Was it really goodness or was it ego, wanted to be liked, wanting the approbation of being a good person?

If the latter, well, never too late to make the change. Being good is nice but being good to ourselves by being true to ourselves is paramount. Rather than being seen as good, let’s be genuinely good and kind to ourselves. Rather than yearning to be liked by all, let’s love ourselves unconditionally.


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