Morning Ray of Sunshine – Give a Lil Love

Why don’t we just fill our hearts with love today? Do everything with love?

Fact is the minute we bring in love, everything becomes so much better. There is joy and excitement and innocence in everything we do. The things we enjoy doing will of course be a blast. But the things we hate will also become far from painful. Love makes us more energetic, we get so much more done. It makes us sharper, we do it all better. It makes us kinder and gentler, able to see the beauty and learning even in the things we flinch from.

Of course let’s also bring this love to the people around us. Today’s as good a day as any to make people feel loved, special, cherished. And not just the people we like or care about. How about extending our love to strangers, people we know only slightly and most of all people we don’t like? Everyone needs love and a smile, kind words, some understanding and compassion can go a long way in transforming and making someone’s entire day. In fact it could end up transforming our entire relationship with them.

And the best part about being full of with love, doing things with love, spreading love? We’re surrounded by love, we breathe in love incessantly, we become love. What could be better?


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