Morning Ray of Sunshine -Out of the Comfort Zone

Whether we like to accept it or not most of us, most of the time, find ways to stay in our comfort zone. We resist or procrastinate taking on new projects or a new job, meeting and getting close to new people, doing new, challenging things, learning new things, even doing old things in a new way.

Fear of getting outside one’s comfort zone is natural. There is fear of failing, of falling, of rejection, of making a fool of oneself.

But at the same time there is the boredom and stagnation with our way of life, a desire to do more, do something new, have a way more exciting, exhilarating, fulfilling life.

Well we can’t have it both ways. Either we choose comfort and stagnation or facing the fear and living the exciting life.

But let’s make it easy for ourselves. While the idea of completely leaping into the unknown might set our excuse machine running overtime and have us scooting back into the familiar, what if we took one thing at a time?

Let’s begin with a single thing that we’ve been resisting, running from,  cause it was different, new, scared us. And then without fighting the fear, using it as fuel to spur as on, let’s do this. Fail, succeed, let’s view the attempt itself as a huge achievement, a broadening of our horizon, a breaking down of the wall that was imprisoning us.

And then use this accomplishment as the inspiration to do the next thing. And the next, and so on.

New week, new challenges, new life. Are we game?


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