Morning Ray of Sunshine – Create our Excitement, Enthusiasm, Energy and Motivation

It’s great to be excited, charged up, super enthusiastic about things – be it work, a project, a relationship, a holiday, something we’re learning et al. After all this excitement and enthusiasm is the fuel that will drive us up the slope and all the way to the end.

Only thing is, right at the outset, stop and figure what part of this excitement is coming from our ego. From imagining a glorious end, adulation, kudos, praise, fame and all that jazz. It’s natural and this is bound to be there.

Only let’s take a step back and drop this right now. Let’s focus on the real reason why we want to do – the joy of doing, giving, loving, exploring, learning. Let’s keep that as our centre, build our drive and motivation from that.

Cause truth is, at the first sign of adversity, when there’s no immediate gratification or kick or adulation, the ego will do a 180° twist, make us feel depressed, disappointed, demotivated, push us to drop the idea, quit. The initial excitement we started with will vanish and we’ll be marooned high and dry.

But when we’re running on the joy of doing, of the journey, enriching and edifying ourselves, outside approbation is not a crutch or reward we’re seeking. And hence the lack of it doesn’t dissuade us. A surfeit of it doesn’t make us go nuts. We stay true to the purity of why we started and remain above petty ups and downs.

We create our excitement, enthusiasm, energy and motivation then, don’t have to scrounge for it from outside. Now ain’t that the best way to be?


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