Morning Ray of Sunshine – Chuck the Ego, Choose Living

There are situations we hate, resist, run from, cause we know they are out of our comfort zone. We cannot excel in them, hell, we can’t even make a passable showing. That’s what scares us or rather our ego – that we will be seen in all our ineptitude, seen as not good enough, be an object of ridicule, a loser.

Hang on, that’s what our ego tell us. To derail us, to get us to avoid and sabotage our going through that situation, that experience.

But truth is we are inept cause it’s something we are doing for the first time, something at which we are a novice. So obviously we’re going to suck at it. Where’s the shame in that?

We didn’t walk the first time we tried to stand up, we crashed on our ass. We sucked at cycling, swimming, writing, math, boiling water and everything else when we were learning it.

But we allowed ourselves and that’s how we learned and became the dudes we think of ourselves as now. But to become a dude at something new we have to allow ourselves to again become a novice, a dud.

And life is in these opportunities to learn, these journeys of accepting our shortcomings and with humility and openness allowing ourselves to be guided and taught, allowing ourselves to be moulded and shaped into a better us. This is where there’s so much joy, laughter, growth, madness, fun…

Let’s not lose that on account of fear of hurting our ego. Chuck the ego, choose life and living.


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