Morning Ray of Sunshine – Use Feedback to Fly

In life we are always going to get feedback, criticism, advice – call it what you want. This could be about our work, the way we dress – our look, the way we talk, behave or any aspect of our persona, the way we conduct our selves, the way we live our lives…

Notice nowhere is the feedback about us – the real us – our core. That is as it is, pure, inviolate. All the above areas that could be criticised may come from our core but mostly they come from our ego, our conditioning, our beliefs, patterns, attitudes and consequently none of them are wrought in stone, all are fair game when it comes to change and betterment.

Trouble is our ego won’t let us think that way. Any feedback on our work, behaviour, persona is conveyed to us as a feedback about us, our very core. And hence we feel our identity itself is threatened, we either shut down or go through self worth issues or get defensive and so on.

Thus losing the opportunity to just dispassionately see where there’s room for improvement, learn, grow and move on.

We are not our work, our patterns, our clothes, our body also. We, our truest selves are not even our words or behaviour or actions. Which doesn’t mean to see we don’t take responsibility for them. Quite the contrary, we not only take full responsibility but we also take the onus of changing what’s not working. But without bringing our self worth or identity into question. Cause that stands tall regardless.

We are special, unique, beautiful people. Nothing can change or threaten that. So let’s keep this distinction clear, let’s not bring our egos into the picture when feedback happens and let’s just work to make our outside manifestations as beautiful and fabulous as our inner true selves. In fact let our inner selves define our behaviour and attitudes, not our ego or any conditioning or pattern or defence mechanism.

To being our awesome selves.


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