Morning Ray of Sunshine -Take Charge of Your Happiness

So often we think to ourselves-  once I get past this difficult situation I’ll be happy. Or once I achieve that milestone I’ll be happy. And so we keep making our happiness contingent on factors outside of our control and keep postponing our joy, our living this life.

News Flash!  That tomorrow never shows up. We get out of one situation and another comes up. We achieve one thing and then we see another peak that must be surmounted.

Point is this process of up, down, places to go, worlds to conquer will keep going on through life. But if we keep postponing being happy till after we’re done with all of this, we’re talking about an after life. And we don’t even know if that exists.

So let the trials, tribulations, triumphs continue. And simultaneously let’s just choose to be happy, to have fun with whatever we’re doing, to find joy even in the most adverse of circumstances, to constantly do little things that make us happy, to never postpone anything our heart wants – not for some goal, not cause of some situation.

Life – our life is in the middle of all these upheavals and if we don’t reach out and seize it, it will slip away.

Let’s take charge of our happiness, let’s make sure we’re living our life, not existing through it as some sort of waiting game.


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