Morning Ray of Sunshine – Create the Best Not the Worst

The ego is only interested in drama. And in making us seem bigger than everyone else even if it is just the biggest drama queen or the biggest tantrum thrower. And in this process it sabotages all that is good or could be good in our lives.

How many times does the ego tell us – don’t take this shit, walk out of this project/job or call it quits on this relationship.

Now the ego revels in the drama of a walkout – a quitting – there’s the gratification of feeling like having got the last world, telling everyone off. Also the martyrdom – I junked my job/relationship for a principle. And then the wallowing in frustration, misery, bitterness, guilt, sadness, regret for the next 6 months, year. Or still fashioning tales of how we were the victims, the wronged ones and it’s the others who’ve lost out on us, their tragedy.

Fact is the world moves on, it’s only we, thanks to our ego, who are sitting a la Devdas and thinking we are a monumental tragedy king and the world will one day understand the pathos that was us.

Let’s cut all this crap. Sure there may be real situations where severing ties is the best alternative but those are few and far between. Most of the time when we nurse these thoughts we are just doing drama, trying to make ourselves feel wronged, misunderstood, victimised. And in building these disaster scenarios in our head we are sending out invitations to the Universe to make them real thus sabotaging great career opportunities, our most crucial relationships, our very lives.

So from today, instead of giving in to the ego and nursing these sob stories, martyr tales, let’s understand what the root of the issue with our boss/client/spouse/parents/friends is and try and address that. Let’s be open, understand and try to be understood.

Most of all, let’s rescript these scenarios in our head where we see happy outcomes, success in the projects, joy and love in the relationships. Let’s visualize happily ever after rather than doom and destruction.

And then see the miracles unfold


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