Morning Ray of Sunshine – Thank The Beautiful People In Your Life

There are so many good, kind, wonderful people around us. Who unconditionally love us, support us, do things for us, love us, inspire and motivate us, teach us, guide us, reprimand and correct us, invisibly remove obstacles from our path, bring us closer to our dreams, pray for us, root for us, do their utmost to make our lives more comfortable and more joyous.

Do we notice them, acknowledge them? Maybe sometimes. Do we appreciate them? Perhaps. Are we grateful for them? We should be. Cause it is a phenomenonal blessing to have such goodness and love in our lives. Especially when so often we rail and rant about how things are not fine in our lives, we’re not getting the right breaks and so on.

Today let’s think of all these people, thank them even if it’s just silently, thank the Higher Power for blessing us with such good souls and let’s feel grateful, fortunate and joyous.


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