Morning Ray of Sunshine – Drop the Fear of Success

Fear of failure is something we’re all familiar with. But sneakily, insidiously, something that messes up our life as much or even more is the fear of success…

Sure, we want that job, that start up, that bestseller book, that guy or girl to say yes, the house, the trip, the chance to be in that competition. But somewhere inside we are also terrified of achieving our dreams.

Why? What? Could be lots of things. From inadequacy – will I be able to run the company, make the film, be a good spouse? After all just dreaming about being a success is enough of an ego kick. Actually living it and finding we aren’t as good as we think we are and needing to work and learn and pull up our socks is quite distasteful to the ego.

There could also be other fears – wanting love and yet being scared of getting tied down, similarly with wanting to have one’s own enterprise but feeling scared of being weighed down by responsiblity.

The list is endless. But the point is subtly, surreptitiously without us knowing it, these fears are sending out mixed signals to the Universe and sabotaging our dreams. Hence the so close and yet so far, I’m doing everything and yet nothing’s happening.

Let’s just look deep within figure what our fears are, face them, accept them. Then moving beyond let’s tell the Universe I’m sorry I was afraid and thus impeding the goodness you were sending me. But I’m ready now and looking forward to it. So Bring it On.

There’s an exciting life waiting for us. Let’s go beyond fear and grab it.


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