Morning Ray of Sunshine – Rescript Failure to Success

There are events in the day that we fear. Cause we’re scared that things won’t go the way we want, that all our plans and dreams will come unstuck,  we’ll face rejection and failure. We fear and we live out this fear multiple times, each time making this outcome more real, strengthening it.

Stop. Fears are unavoidable. But why give them power and strength and send out negative visualisations to the Universe?

Instead the minute fear comes up how about we take a step back, breathe, calm ourselves down and see the event happen exactly the way we want it to. In fact even better, let’s visualise outcomes that we didn’t even dare to dream of…

And let’s do this every time we think of the event or fear creeps in. Let’s do this for everything we want in our life. Let’s constantly send out positive vibrations and energy to our dreams and script them into reality.

Let’s make our dreams happen


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