Morning Ray of Sunshine – Give a Lil Love

Why don’t we just fill our hearts with love today? Do everything with love?

Fact is the minute we bring in love, everything becomes so much better. There is joy and excitement and innocence in everything we do. The things we enjoy doing will of course be a blast. But the things we hate will also become far from painful. Love makes us more energetic, we get so much more done. It makes us sharper, we do it all better. It makes us kinder and gentler, able to see the beauty and learning even in the things we flinch from.

Of course let’s also bring this love to the people around us. Today’s as good a day as any to make people feel loved, special, cherished. And not just the people we like or care about. How about extending our love to strangers, people we know only slightly and most of all people we don’t like? Everyone needs love and a smile, kind words, some understanding and compassion can go a long way in transforming and making someone’s entire day. In fact it could end up transforming our entire relationship with them.

And the best part about being full of with love, doing things with love, spreading love? We’re surrounded by love, we breathe in love incessantly, we become love. What could be better?


Morning Ray of Sunshine -Out of the Comfort Zone

Whether we like to accept it or not most of us, most of the time, find ways to stay in our comfort zone. We resist or procrastinate taking on new projects or a new job, meeting and getting close to new people, doing new, challenging things, learning new things, even doing old things in a new way.

Fear of getting outside one’s comfort zone is natural. There is fear of failing, of falling, of rejection, of making a fool of oneself.

But at the same time there is the boredom and stagnation with our way of life, a desire to do more, do something new, have a way more exciting, exhilarating, fulfilling life.

Well we can’t have it both ways. Either we choose comfort and stagnation or facing the fear and living the exciting life.

But let’s make it easy for ourselves. While the idea of completely leaping into the unknown might set our excuse machine running overtime and have us scooting back into the familiar, what if we took one thing at a time?

Let’s begin with a single thing that we’ve been resisting, running from,  cause it was different, new, scared us. And then without fighting the fear, using it as fuel to spur as on, let’s do this. Fail, succeed, let’s view the attempt itself as a huge achievement, a broadening of our horizon, a breaking down of the wall that was imprisoning us.

And then use this accomplishment as the inspiration to do the next thing. And the next, and so on.

New week, new challenges, new life. Are we game?

Morning Ray of Sunshine – Let’s Live Limitless

We know what we are capable of, what our limits are. What we can deliver at work, how much we can run or lift, how much we can give or be there for someone or love without expectation.

Let’s now redefine these self imagined limits. Let’s push ourselves way, way beyond what we think we are capable of. We’ve only been utilising a small fraction of our potential, we have only a faint idea of the immense potential inside of us.

Let’s just drop our fears that we can’t do more than this, can’t give anymore, let’s just open up and unleash our limitless potential and power. Let’s trust, surrender, let go and just fire on all cylinders.

Let’s amaze ourselves and the world. Let the magic begin

Morning Ray of Sunshine – Beyond Excuses is Our Life

Excuses are easy. And there are so many of them and so convincing.

To not wake up. To not go for that walk. To not do the work we’re supposed to. To not tell someone how we feel. To not get things fixed. To not have that uncomfortable conversation. To not do the things that scare us. And so on.

There are no end to excuses. Nor to resistance and laziness.

But let’s remember just one thing. These excuses are all that stand between us and the life we dream of…

So we can live with our excuses or live the life we want. Simple

Morning Ray of Sunshine – Listen to your Heart

In life whatever course of action one chooses to take, there will be people pro it big time and an equal number totally anti.

The point is to neither carried away by those propagating it, nor dissuaded by those who are trying to convince us otherwise. Let’s listen to both sides, dispassionately, with an open mind and objectively take stock of the pros and cons. Let’s listen without ego – so we neither get defensive or insecure, angry or cocky or upset.

And then let’s just go deep within and see what our heart wants. Then making sure this is a decision of the heart and not of the ego, let’s forge forward using the good advice of both parties as guidelines and safeguards.

Ultimately things will work out best only if we stay true to our heart, stay true to ourselves.

Morning Ray of Sunshine – Be Good to Yourself First

We like thinking of ourselves as good people. We like being liked. Only thing is, in order to be liked or to be seen as good, when do we cross the line and start doing things that aren’t us, that we don’t really want to?

The line between being good, being nice and getting into pleasing is a pretty slippery slope. Before we know it we’re on the other side.

Hence it’s a good idea to every so often, take a step back and look at the things we’re doing – do we really want to do them? Is this the way we want to do them? Are we comfortable with all our calls? If not why did we make those choices? Was it really goodness or was it ego, wanted to be liked, wanting the approbation of being a good person?

If the latter, well, never too late to make the change. Being good is nice but being good to ourselves by being true to ourselves is paramount. Rather than being seen as good, let’s be genuinely good and kind to ourselves. Rather than yearning to be liked by all, let’s love ourselves unconditionally.

Morning Ray of Sunshine – Live the Life We Want

It’s actually quite simple – either we decide the course of our lives or Life decides.

If we don’t have a plan, aren’t sure what we want, then we’re just a rudderless boat drifting in the sea, going wherever the wind decides to take us. We respond only to those opportunities that life chooses to put in our way – be it work, relationships or fun. We’re living our destiny.

But if we are clear what we want out of life, where we want to go, then we’re forging in that direction, choosing only those opportunities and if we can’t see them, then creating them. We are the masters of our life, we are creating our destiny.

So pick – live the life we want or the one that’s handed to us?

Morning Ray of Sunshine – Holiday from Stress and Angst

Fear over things that may happen. Angst over when things will happen. Insecurity that we may not be good enough. Jealousy that we are not getting what we deserve. Sadness that we are alone. Guilt that we are making people feel alone…

Whew! Can we give it a rest already? How about a holiday from all of these? How about today, when any of these show up, we say Sorry bhai, kal aana (Sorry bro, come again another day)? And just give ourselves a well deserved day of peace, happiness, just living and loving the day.

Cause fact of the matter is none of this is real. It’s all just created by the mind to confound, confuse, complicate, keep us angsty and tense and thinking, to prevent us from being in our hearts and enjoying the moment.

We are where we need to be. We are protected. Things will happen and we will come through. We will get what is meant for us. There will always be love, reasons to sing, dance, smile. And even if there isn’t we can always choose to be happy joyous. So let’s start now.

Bye bye, not needed thoughts. Hello happiness

Morning Ray of Sunshine – Rejuvenate Your Life


No doubt lots of things in our life have become boring. Our work, our relationships, perhaps even the way we have fun. Well, it’s partly our fault. We’ve let things fall into a routine, become predictable, mechanical. So we’re engaged only at the surface. So it seems boring, humdrum, unchallenging – ho hum.

Good part is since we’ve created this, we can fix it. Let’s Rejuvenate – our work, our relationships, our life.

For starters let’s drop the typical routine way we do these things. At work, for example let’s forget what we know – all our experience, our so called best way to do things and let’s approach it with the innocence, enthusiasm and curiosity of a newbie. Let’s figure if there are better, more exciting ways of doing things – like maybe do the Monday morning updates over a game of Dodgeball or have a singing Update session. Sounds mad but might just end up enthusing and charging up everyone.

Work that we do on our lonesome – why not relocate from our desk – do it in a coffee shop or by the sea or wherever gives us a kick. Let’s also start learning more about the work we do – maybe college was a long time ago, the world has moved forward, business has changed, learning is always a good thing.

Let’s apply the same thing to relationships too. Why assume we know? Why assume the other person wants to do the same old things, have the same old conversations? Let’s shake up things. Let’s get to know them all over again – not by a fake first meeting recreation but by genuinely trying to understand where they are in life right now, what inspires them, what frustrates them, what drives them up the wall about us…

And when it comes to having fun with them, with friends or just on our own, throw out the old handbook, let’s start exploring, experimenting – doing things we’ve never done before, doing things we love but in a way we’ve never done before.

Never eaten sushi? Give it a shot (it’s veg as well). Never cycled to work? Well… Never worn a bright red tee? Go for it.

There’s so much to discover and experience in life. Let’s not be jaded and bored. Let’s live it up and make the most of every moment we have.

Morning Ray of Sunshine – Don’t Lose out on Our True Selves

In life there will be times when we will be put to the test. When something we really want is offered to us, on a platter. There’s just one catch – we’ll have to make one compromise – give up on being who we really are- let go of our true self, our unique way of being and doing, get off the path that is ours…

Tough decision? Let’s make it easier.

Think back to when we gave up on being ourselves for a prize. Sure we’ve done it at least once. Did it work out?

Maybe it seemed to, at least at first. But somehow we were never really happy were we? That prize, that result we so craved ultimately just wasn’t so gratifying was it?

Cause when we gave up our true self, we gave up the journey for the destination. How could we enjoy the journey when the path was not our own, when we weren’t being ourselves, but playing some pretend part? And the journeys all put together are what make up our lifetime. The destinations are momentary.

So no matter how tempting the prize, how much the instant gratification, in the long run the only thing that works is staying true to ourselves. That’s when the journey becomes a delight and there’s no greater reward than that…