Morning Ray of Sunshine

Coming closer and closer to Christmas and a bold, brilliant, spectacular new year. Time to keep ourselves happier and even happier.

So to start with let’s drop all our worries. Be it the big ones that seem so life threatening to us or the niggling little ones – am I going to get caught in traffic today kinds.

Let’s look at each one, accept that they are preying on our mind, understand what is the fear that scares us. And then let’s imagine the worst, that horrible outcome that scares us so much, let’s see ourselves facing it, if the heart starts thumping faster, if we feel low – let that happen. But then let’s breathe, calm ourselves down and SMILE. And then let’s see ourselves with calmness and strength, handling the situation, coming out on top, bouncing back and living our life.

Let’s take a mental photograph of ourselves smiling and walking away from that outcome like a chanpion. And if every the worry returns – which it will – we just think about that photo, feel that exultation and triumph in our hearts and laugh the worry away.

In fact whatever situation, whatever not nice thing comes up henceforth, let’s just train ourselves to laugh at it and see ourselves on top.

Cause we can. We are powerful souls. We will triumph.


One comment

  1. taylormcguire20 · December 7, 2015

    This is beautiful ☺️

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