Morning Ray of Sunshine – We Can’t Control People

We can love the people in our life. We can support them, be there for them, guide them, communicate with them, try and make them understand. But we cannot, cannot control them!

We cannot make them happy. We cannot take away their pain or fears. We cannot stop them from misunderstanding us. We cannot force them to comprehend where we are coming from. We cannot compel them to be there for us, support us, do anything for us, love us.

We can try. We can angst about it, get furious, rave and rant. But ultimately we will have to accept that they will be the way they choose to and there’s nothing we can do about it.

And that’s why it makes sense to love unconditionally without expectations. The love enriches us, makes us bigger. Whether or not the other person acknowledges or accepts it, this love goes into the world and softens and brightens at least our immediate environment. It brings us in connection with higher powers and sources of Light.

And it releases us from disappointment, heartbreak, frustration and anger, freeing us to choose to be happy, live the moment fully, make our lives special and extraordinary.


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